Modeling non-exclusive agreement

Игорь Мальков (Мор)


DATE__________________________ S.S.#____________________


CITY ____________________ STATE____________

ZIP CODE_________________

In consideration of _________________ (Modeling Agency), placing my name on its Talent List and using reasonable efforts to procure assignments for me as a model or in other phases of modeling and acting as provided herein, and, at my request, advising me with respect to my career:

I hereby appoint AGENCY as my non-exclusive agent to procure Modeling Assignments for me. As used in this Agreement, the term “Modeling Assignments” shall include the performance of services as a model, actor or actress.

I acknowledge and agree that AGENCY currently has in effect Agreements with other persons, that are the same, or similar, to this Agreement, and that AGENCY will, during the term of this Agreement, enter into additional such Agreements, and that AGENCY will provide and furnish to other persons, the same or similar services as AGENCY has undertaken to provide to me under this Agreement.

By its acceptance hereof, AGENCY acknowledges its understanding that I may procure Modeling Assignments for myself or through sources other than AGENCY, and that AGENCY shall not be entitled to any fee, except on Modeling Assignments which AGENCY procures for me.

Unless otherwise mutually agreed to in writing and signed by AGENCY and me, all compensation for my services in the performance of Modeling Assignments procured for me by AGENCY shall be paid directly to AGENCY, and AGENCY shall deduct, as its fee, a sum equal to 20% of the sum paid by the client for whom such services were rendered, before AGENCY forwards payment to me for my services. I further agree that AGENCY shall be entitled to receive such percentage of all compensation payable for my services throughout the term of this Agreement, and any compensation which may become payable in the future for contracts, engagements and/or Agreements procured by AGENCY for me and entered into or negotiated for during the term of this Agreement and on all extensions or renewals of such contracts, engagements and/or Agreements. In the event that any compensation shall be paid by any client directly to me, I agree to immediately deliver 20% of such payment to Agency.

I acknowledge and agree that I am not, nor shall I be, deemed for any purpose to be, an employee of AGENCY. I further acknowledge and agree that, at all times, I shall be acting under this Agreement solely and exclusively as an independent contractor. AGENCY shall not be liable or responsible for any injury or damage suffered by me while I am performing Modeling Assignments, whether obtained directly or indirectly by or through AGENCY, nor will AGENCY maintain any liability, Worker’s Compensation, unemployment or other form or type of insurance coverage for or upon me. I hereby accept and agree to be solely responsible for, all risks of performing Modeling Assignments under this Agreement, and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold AGENCY harmless of and from any and all claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses, of any and every kind, which may arise or which may be claimed against AGENCY, arising from my performance of services under this Agreement.

My (our) signature(s) below affirm that both sides of this agreement contain Disclosures. I (we) have read and agree to all terms and conditions as disclosed on both sides of this Agreement.

Signature of Model__________________________________


Accepted: AGENCY

By: _______________________


Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian (if Model under 18 years)


Разбирать польностью Учебник для моделей

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